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13 thoughts on “Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano ~ ゆび de ピアノ

  1. turn this thing into a simple midi controller and make the finger tops glow in different colors. Electronic "artists" will love it. They love everything that will distract the audience from their crappy bleepy music.

  2. It wasnt like he was trying to put on a huge performance. Honestly, he made the video because the person that got it for him wanted to see him play it.

  3. Yeah i thought it was quite a cool thing. Make music anywhere i guess 🙂 Contralogic knows piano too, he should make a video playing that >_>

  4. that's great, the only problem is that you're supposed to play piano with your fingertips so you'd be learning the piano the wrong way. but good video and i guess good invention. of course i'm not judging too much because i could never make anything like this!

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