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16 thoughts on “Problems with the Fifth Finger in Piano Technique

  1. play with rubber hands globes, just like the globes for cleaning the house, that kind, …why? it will bring you a hard resistance, use the rotation technique mixed with this globes, and you will find a natural within force for your fingers, that´s include: span between them. give it a try. if it´s hard for you: just forget about it, change to "weight" between fingers.

  2. Anyhow, I shall do what you said and check the rotation video, perhaps it will give me some insights that i need. Thank you for your advice!

  3. Thanks for the advice. Well the issue is that I can reach a 5th between 4 and 5 on my left hand, but my right hand is impossible and feels clunkier. I was mainly trying to explain the big difference between my 4 and 5 on each hand. For example on La Campanella or one hard Chopin Etude, theres no way out of using 4 and 5 for trills. I feel these fingers are so clunky and resistant on my right hand. And on my left hand it feels like its just a matter of practice and i can overcome it.

  4. Thanks for the question. As always, it is hard to offer specific advice without hearing and seeing you play in person. I do wonder how and why you would try to reach a 5th between LH 4 and 5. I have large hands and I can't do that. Nor would I ever need to. My suggestion would be to find a teacher in your area who is capable of addressing these important issues. As for trills w/4-5: Often you can do a different fingering, but also please watch the rotation video. That's how to move 4-5.

  5. My 4th and 5th finger have been bothering me for years. I know it is hard for them to be really independent but i think my situation is out of the ordinary. My 5th finger can barely move at all without completely dragging the 4th finger along. It's so bad that my span between 4 and 5 on the right is only a 4th while on my left hand its a 5th. It feels like a hindrance specially when i think i want to play liszt in the near future, with 4 5 trills. Any advice?

  6. thepianoplayer416 October 30, 2015 at 7:20 am - Reply

    Good presentation. Like playing any instrument, there is a natural way and ways that require more effort than necessary.

    Personally never had the index finger pop up problem when playing scales. Normally don't like to make playing look like a "technical" exercise. Always aim to get a good sound.

    Tend to find playing slow your fingers does all sorts of funny things but playing at a fast tempo they tend to self-adjust.

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