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20 thoughts on “Piano Technique: Finger Crossovers

  1. Thank you for never being BOOring! Checkout a lot of finger AND hand crossovers in my latest, Prelude No.6:Crossing Over.

  2. Thanks a lot, I really liked your way of teaching, It's not like some "military training" style that we used to see around.

  3. Sir i am a beginner and learning since last three months without any tutor….i am learning piano with ur free tutorials for the last two weeks…..with the help of your free youtube lessons i have speed up my five fingering pattern…I can play C major scale on two and more octaves with high speed and i am practicing other Major scales too. Initially I learned basic three notes chords and their inversions too and I understood use of inversions also. I played “twinkle twinkle little star”, some Indian movie songs phrases with my both hands. But after some time I realized I was playing like kids…..My hands were not able to play independently. That why I started from the very beginning with five fingering pattern and scales. 
    Sir plz let me know after practicing scales should I practice chromatic scales, Jazz, blues scales, arpeggios in order to play pieces of music in future? or I can start play music now?? I am bit confused about what should be the steps of learning piano so that the milestone of playing a good music can be achieved. Please tell me step by step process of learning piano…..your lessons are fabulous and I am quite confident to become a good pianist in future but I need right direction. please help me out.

  4. Thanks for asking. Go to the piano-ology website and look under Technique/Fingering for fingering charts for all major scales. Best wishes.

  5. what if you want to continue to play the c scale across another octave? do you put your thumb or pinky on the c note (with the left hand)

  6. carlos alberto perez October 25, 2015 at 4:07 pm - Reply

    wow, you made my day man, 4 thumbs up for you,,, i understand now the technique and better than that i have big smile in my face,,thanks peace Alberto

  7. Don't think they are opposing views. If you tuck your thumb under in order to prepare it for its next note while moving your arm at the same time then you're accomplishing exactly the same thing. Arm movement is essential here. But thumb under is also essential.

  8. Thank you my friend, for maintaining your sanity and clear vision despite being immersed in our inescapable, vulgar marketing "culture": Peace, Frank

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