Piano lesson: Hanon excersises for finger strength and wrist movements – Hanna Silver

This is a short video where I talk about my favourite piano exercises. If you want to maintain and improve your finger strength, it is important to practise every day, or at least 5 days per week. Just like when you stop going to the gym, if you stop doing exercises and scales, you will lose your muscle strength. Personally, when I lose my muscle strength, it takes me 1 – 2 weeks of practising every day to get back to being strong and agile. I also am sure to do stretches in between every few exercises, just as I feel I need.

If you have any queries or anything to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. And please keep your nasty comments to yourself. There is not only one way to play the piano. Just because I move my wrists differently to you, and no one ever told you to move your wrists, or you reckon you never see professionals moving that way, doesn’t give you any right to be rude. There is no need for that here in this dialogue. All my teachers and the majority of my colleagues teach these wrist movements, so that’s where I’m coming from.

My background: I studied at Victorian College of the Arts, classical piano 2002-04, achieved A.Mus.A with distinction in 2000 and L.Mus.A in 2003. Currently I am a Suzuki teacher in Melbourne, Australia and was a Suzuki kid myself. I also am a performer, as can be seen in my other videos.

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20 thoughts on “Piano lesson: Hanon excersises for finger strength and wrist movements – Hanna Silver

  1. The best part was the stretches. Im sorry Hanna, im learning and your vid is quite useful, but you 're a incredible amazing sexy teacher also. So i ended spending more than a half of the vid lenght in ero fantasys.

  2. Richter, Volodos, Mozart and etc, were not amazing artists because they didn't share their technique… lol In fact all of them have had many students who have taken SOMETHING from them.

  3. I understand why people disregard respect for her technique, it's true her wrists are wobbling everywhere, who cares… Classically trained artists would never do such a thing, rather only keep their wrists loose. Take note, that there is no CORRECT technique, if you can play perfectly by any means, then you're doing something right with the technique.

    Shamed to see so many people flaming her.

  4. I totally see where you're coming from with the wrists. It does help produce a nice tone. I've studied the Suzuki method, but not as extensively as you, but I will say this. He became a virtuoso from a different school, so look to the other methods. It is rather annoying that people are so rude to you when trying to make a point. I think some people forget they too have a mother or sister. All The Best and keep our integrity intact.

  5. nice video.Every teacher has his/her technique to teach how to play those exercises.
    But i have one thing to say;you can play scales,exercises and move your wrist all day long you'll never play like Hamelin,Richter or Volodos because those guys don't share their technique with anyone,plus they concentrate more on playing,sound and less on theory and dissecting every little aspect of music.Do anybody thing that Bach,Mozart,List thought about al of this theory when they created a masterpiece?

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