Piano Accompaniment Styles for 50 Great Songs

How to accompany a singer using rhythmic patterns. Learn chord & bass line techniques for the 50 songs listed below. Go to http://bit.ly/22heT08 for the rest of this acclaimed course.

This 2-part tutorial moves faster than my other lessons. I use some of the songs listed below (the ones with a star) to teach the styles. Then, you can apply the same rhythmic patterns to other songs on the list, and countless more as well. I even tell you where to get free lead sheets, transposed to your key and ready to print out.

(NOTE: Wikifonia.org, the site I mention on the video for free chord sheets is discontinued. I’m now recommending UlitmateGuitar.com)

Many of these songs use only 3 or 4 chords–the same chords used in the Axis of Awesome video in which they play dozens of pop classics using just 4 chords.

00:12 Introduction and lists of songs & styles.
01:19 Chord review, plus one new chord (vi).
03:10 Step 1: Get the chord changes for your song. Where to get free lead sheets. Playing by ear.
04:26 Step 2: Transpose (put the song into your key).
05:13 Step 3: Match up the song with a rhythm style.
05:04 4/4 POP BALLAD STYLE: *Auld Lang Syne, *Hey Jude, *Imagine, *Let it Be, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Blowin’ in the Wind, Aloha Oe, My Hometown, Mother (John Lennon), Red River Valley, Can You Feel the Love Tonight
09:37 3/4 TIME (WALTZ FEEL): *Silver Bells, *Cielito Lindo, *Piano Man, *Amazing Grace, Clementine, Waltzing Matilda (chorus), Home on the Range, Edelweiss.
12:29 Recap of Part 1, preview of Part 2

Part 2 of this tutorial is at http://bit.ly/22heT08

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20 thoughts on “Piano Accompaniment Styles for 50 Great Songs

  1. Great lesson Bruce… I always struggled to make my chords shine they were so dull. How do I get hold of part 2?

  2. Does anyone know how to produce the animated keyboard at the top? Is it some fancy software that I can get?

  3. Simple, crisp and easy to understand. Teaching is a skill which very few people possess. You have the gift of teaching.

  4. Bruce I love your tips. Just a question about pianos. Have you ever used a Roland FP-80? I was wondering if that is what you are playing on. I have felt the response of that board and the piano over all sound to be quite fabulous. Also the Yamaha CP300 is nice too. Both have internal speakers which are handy.

  5. Clear demonstration and explanation!! 
    May I know what software are you using to display the blue highlighted notes? 
    Thank you so much~

  6. Good lessons , excellent musicant ! I always wanted to know as to play american songs l  Many thanks !

  7. Best piano lesson ever, Ive always wanted to play the piano, All I have is a Akai 49 key MIDI Controller, Im using that instead, I think I will be able to achieve using this in place of a huge piano. Thinking about getting a 88 key Korg synth workstation.   

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