Learn to Play Piano – Posture While Playing Piano – Basic Lessons for Beginners – Piano Lessons

Pose and posture is essential in playing the piano and to optimize your playing abilities. Proper pose isn’t just a matter of looks, although it looks good anyways; it really is quite a must.
Place the bench at the right distance and height for your size. Placement of the bench relative to the piano keyboard is crucial to having a proper posture.
The distance between the bench and the piano is not too far so that you’ll be extending your arms and bending your back just to play the notes.
The distance is not too short so that you’ll have to lean back to play the keys (especially at the tips of the keys).
The height of the bench is so that you can sit upright while playing, yet not have to bend your arms to an angle of more than 90 degrees to be able to play comfortably..

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