How to Teach Piano to Kids : Reading Notes for Children’s Piano Lessons

How to teach children to read notes on music, including tips for making it fun; learn this and more in this free online music class for children taught by expert Hope Wells.

Expert: Hope Wells
Bio: Hope Wells teaches privately through California Music Academy in Westlake Village, Calif.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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20 thoughts on “How to Teach Piano to Kids : Reading Notes for Children’s Piano Lessons

  1. Played rihanna monster (without eminem part) on my first week playing , doesnt know anything about piano before that
    I have 1 problem on piano , which is moving both of my finger simultaneously on different hand

  2. i am trying to teach my brother on playing it's very hard but he is doing good i guess i only knows how to play chopsticks lol

  3. Anyone have a list of these videos and what order you are supposed to watch them in? They aren't numbered at all and there's a lot of them. No idea how to figure out which is which.

    To the author, if you can rename the videos with Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc that would be hugely helpful.

  4. HI, I have a fun way to learn notes for the beginners,little ones..called the NOTEFRIENDS…Come watch video…NEXT NOTEFRIENDS Adventures.
    Nice piano lesson!!

  5. wow! Thanks! 🙂 this really helps… it's inspiring how much energy you have. I want to learn how to teach kids piano too.

  6. Hey! I was wondering if you could help me in pointing out these videos, starting out 1-10 (assuming there were 10 of these). I'm a pianist and desperately looking to start teaching but really need some tools like these. And just from watching a few minuets, I do believe these would be all the help getting started I would need. It's been so long since I've taken my first lessons. Thanks so much and any information would be helpful.

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