How to Play Piano – Lesson 2 – How to Read Piano Music for Treble and Bass Clef

How to Read Music for Beginners – Learn How to Play Piano – Lesson 2. Easy piano lessons for those just starting to learn piano.
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The second lesson in the Learn How to Play Piano Series.
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Learn how to play piano with this series of lessons and tutorials covering how to read sheet music for piano. Treble Clef and Bass Clef Notes, Finger numbers are the topics covered in this basic piano lesson for beginners. Please like and share this video!
Learning the lines and spaces of both the treble clef and bass clef are essential in learning how to read notes and sheet music and thus learning how to play piano. Learning how to play piano isn’t something that will take 30 seconds or 5 minutes. Although, it is possible to learn to play simple things on the piano in a relatively short period of time.

Remember that the lines of the treble clef are E, G, B, D and F. The spaces of the treble clef F, A, C, E. The lines of the bass clef are G, B, D, F, and A. The spaces of the bass clef are A, C, E, and G.

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We will learn to read the lines and spaces of the treble clef, lines and spaces of the bass clef, learn to read music, how to find notes on the piano, and more great subjects in this second lesson in the Learn to Play Piano series. Be sure to take a look at my other instructional lesson videos to learn how to play piano, music theory and more.

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19 thoughts on “How to Play Piano – Lesson 2 – How to Read Piano Music for Treble and Bass Clef

  1. Hey dude, i really appreciate these videos. I usually learn songs by watching other play them, but that's not always convenient. Time to man up and learn note reading. Thanks for helping!

  2. Do you have a video already posted about how many keys on any piano are there to know where the middle of a keyboard is at if so plz let me know and also could you help me with learning how to play any type of songs on a piano keyboard and how to read the music notes along to where and which keys on the piano I need to press to play my piano right if you can that would be so helpful

  3. Steph Pontoppidan October 28, 2015 at 7:08 am - Reply

    theses lessons are easy to understand and very clear. It has helped me a lot because I knew a few songs on piano and now I know how to read music so Thank You!

  4. These videos .take it so easy and it took a whole week for my teacher to explain just the first video and I am on the third one in one day

  5. Great videos on basics thank you. I just ordered a keyboard but it doesn't get here until Saturday i cant wait to play it..

  6. Can i play if i have 6 fingers? but that finger is just excess of tissues and cannot be usable because it has no bones

  7. Thank you so much. It is dream for me to learn piano and am sure I would learn some basics from your tutorials. Again Thank you for sharing this.

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