Get Piano Lesson 6 (Part One) Left Hand Finger Patterns
When it comes to piano playing, it’s important to make sure your left hand is getting just as much practice as your right hand. The reason for this is because the right hand usually takes the lead and performs most of the work in many piano compositions. This can leave your left hand with alot less practice than your right hand. But in lesson six, we’re not going to allow that to happen! We’ve got plenty of finger exercises to practice and perform with our left hand. And as they say, practice makes perfect, so we’re going to play these exercises both forward and backwards to make sure we’re getting a good work out!
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19 thoughts on “Get Piano Lesson 6 (Part One) Left Hand Finger Patterns

  1. Finding the "perfect keyboard" is something you got to try out. If it feels right when you're playing it in the music shop that is how musicians make their decision to buy an instrument. you gotta make the choice based on what feels best for you.

  2. well the keys in px320 are touch response keys, whereas keys in px 130 are weighted keys (weighted scale hammer action)
    the salesperson was favoring px320 because its the last piece that he has left of px320 (casio has stopped making those now)
    thus, i need your advise whether to buy touch response keys (px320) ; or the weighted scale keys (px 130)
    Please help me out…..!!!!! m dying to buy an 88-key piano so that i can try n reach that absolute accuracy and perfection in playing

  3. The difference between the two keyboards you describe probably have something to do with the number of sounds in the digital memory banks. Other than that they're probably both very similar. You should consult the salesperson as to what the major differences are between the two.

  4. Hi
    I have reached lesson 6 now. I have a very small version of the keyboard (borrowed it from a frnd for learning through your lesson)
    i am planning to buy a full 88 key piano
    i am getting a Casio PX 230 and Casio PX 130 at the same price…
    which one should i buy ??

  5. in the movie "Anna to the infinite power",the music teacher beats obedience into the little girl's problematic index/ring finger coordination with a ruler,would this help in real- life? lol, the very last sequence on this vid almost cured me of the same problem completely 🙂

  6. El Gordo Criticón November 7, 2015 at 5:10 am - Reply

    You know… when you put those intros where you are playing all those cool songs, that really makes me feel motivated. And now that I know I'm gonna play one of those I'm really excited. =D

  7. Absolutely! However I hope you don't accuse me of pushing my DVD if I tell you that all my best piano exercises (for both hands) appear on Disc*

    After all, all the piano lessons you see here on YouTube culminate with the work I released on DVD…. but then again I'm not trying 2 promote* 🙂

  8. lol Like the reference! I guess I need to practise more and then some more!! Are they any other good left handed excercises I can do?

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