Five Finger Death Punch – Coming Down [Piano Mix]

Hey guys, this one is basically just a mash up of the “Piano Tribute Players” version of “Coming Down” and the original vocals by Ivan L. Moody which I wanted to share with you since I liked how it turned out.
Hope you’ll like it.

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19 thoughts on “Five Finger Death Punch – Coming Down [Piano Mix]

  1. It is a great cover, but i think it lost an element in transition from the original. I think that it lost the passion and hurt that it is supposed to convey. 

    For example, around the 1:30 mark, in the original, you can feel his words resonate through you, but in this rendition, it is just another lyric. I think this cover would have been better if it were just the piano and no vocal. 

    Just my opinion.

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