Finger Exercises For Piano That Really Helped Me

I not only teach you these 20 exercises, but give you a mountain of information on HOW to play them in the 11 videos on I talk a lot in this video, but I think you need to hear it if you are really serious about solving the technical problems you face in trying to play your favorite music. Pro football players train to play the game, and we should train to be the best at our instrument. Enjoy!
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19 thoughts on “Finger Exercises For Piano That Really Helped Me

  1. That was very helpful , please keep coming with great learning tool everyone will be bless by this lessonThank you so much mr piano man smile

  2. my right hand is better then my left hand, i also have trouble co-coordinating both hands to do the same movement, this seems to help a lot thank you!

  3. Fortunately I HAVE been playing piano/synth/MIDI for about 15 years but I taught myself so I'm not classically trained and can't read sheet music.  I do really want to perfect my playing though by doing things like this because sometimes, not often, I stumble over my own fingers and I'm not as fluent as I'd like to be.

  4. chandra babu chandru October 25, 2015 at 5:41 am - Reply

    superb sir.. i was fasinating to learn Music.. i think u are lessons will be great inspiration for that.. thank u very much and ful of respect towards your teaching.. looking forward to learn ur lessons.. thank u once again grt job

  5. Dude you are just a awesum for guys lik me who don't have a piano teacher just brought a keyboard 2 days ago and now practicing your exercise for my fingers to work and it is working efficiently ..

  6. This is so encouragaeing, it have writers block, but I have piano Block.Having a hard time but by the grace Of God I will get it, Thanks and God Bless.

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