Alessa’s Harmony – Piano Tutorial

yay silent hill. watched it today and LOVED this piano bit. sooo i listened to it and learnt it.
there will probably be mistakes in this because i learnt it by ear in about 15minutes, and not paying attention to detail really…
still, its a sweet piece of music.
sorry for my out-of-time-ness… got real bad latency issues on my comp
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20 thoughts on “Alessa’s Harmony – Piano Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial man, Very easy to follow. My only question is, is there way to get a better grasp on playing one melody with one hand and playing a different one with the other? I just started playing Piano and am trying to play both the chords and the melody but can't seem to get it. any tips, tuts, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ok I cant stop watching this you are the best in my opinion except for mozart and all them but this oh my gosh its simply beautiful <3 Great job

  3. I love u not gay your the only guy on youtube that does a allsome tutorial plus thanks i doing for school on a piano thanks sup thank u

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